High school

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Hello everyone! I’ve definitely been away from this blog for a while. I should probably post a better thing than this, but i will revisit an old favorite: New Years Resolutions. I have posted resolutions on here in the past, so i think I’ll do it again:

1.Do well in school (no duh!)

2.Listen to ALL the unreleased Lady GaGa tracks

3.Figure out how to work Tumblr(makes me feel like a n00b)

4.watch more anime-including finishing yugioh

5.create an amazing drawing

6.meet Lady GaGa/go to the Born this way ball (This such a stretch, but I want it more than anything)


Well, there’s my resolutions. I heard it helps if you write them down, so I hope typing them on a blog works just as well.

hope you have a happy 2012 and hope the world doesn’t end!

Ashley ;)


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so i’ve seen and heard more people were on the site so i thought i’d give you all a happy hello! so hello all you sixth graders who are just cool enough to finally come here! hello! ah, good times. so hello!

peace out!


~ashley & peggy the ghost


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Sup y’all? Haven’t been on in awhile. Sorry bout that. So lifes pretty boring. I’m doing the American girl fashion show this weekend, so I’ll be busy.
Peace and love
-Ashley :]

Yo all my peeps

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hey yall. dont you just love me? well i love me! ya any ways i am in minnesota like every summer and missing all of my peeps. but is sooooo much fun here! like we have a wii here! and brian and grandma keep us busy and having fun. love you all.and a word or advice is dont loose your chapstick!(see below)


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my friends are soooo funny!

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stalkers beware

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well everyone knows i pone, but some people post to find who i am. just dont ok! please if you don”t know me don’t post. if you post anyway, i will delete it and HUNT YOU DOWN!!!!!!!!!!!

Now fyi i hate stalkers. i want to kill them. if you arere still reading this wow, you really unsmart for still reading this. hahaha you are a stalker!

a random post.

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Well I know i have a lot of new viewers so i will do a random post.











i l

i li

i lik

i like

i like t

i like ta

i like tac

i like taco

i like tacos

i like tacos!

the end

new years resolutions

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well a year has come and gone. time to make a new years resolution.

1.read less read more read the same

2.be nicer to my cat

3.have more fun

4. see marley and me. read it too.


The most likely will be 2 and 4. I WANT to do 4 and 5. I also want to collect more warriors books.*grins*well oh and I want tales of beedle the bard. this is more like a christmas list than resolutions! well anyways happy new year!


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hi everybody! umm I’m boerd so here. peanut butter! ok that was random. well i am having fun. I am going to make a story.

R and X

once there was a blob. the blob’s name is r. r’s mom’s name was b and her dad’s name was p. R hated her name. So she renamed herself x. So she lived forever with the name x.


wasn’t that a good story. :) I thought it was! well bye!