new years resolutions

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well a year has come and gone. time to make a new years resolution. less read more read the same nicer to my cat

3.have more fun

4. see marley and me. read it too.


The most likely will be 2 and 4. I WANT to do 4 and 5. I also want to collect more warriors books.*grins*well oh and I want tales of beedle the bard. this is more like a christmas list than resolutions! well anyways happy new year!


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hi everybody! umm I’m boerd so here. peanut butter! ok that was random. well i am having fun. I am going to make a story.

R and X

once there was a blob. the blob’s name is r. r’s mom’s name was b and her dad’s name was p. R hated her name. So she renamed herself x. So she lived forever with the name x.


wasn’t that a good story. :) I thought it was! well bye!

st. bede video

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YouTube Preview Image here is my second video


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YouTube Preview Image  here watch this video of gregory

Winter Vacation

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Hey People and welcome to my blog . Sorry about not Posting in so long.This is about my winter vacation. Well We went to Minnesota on the 23rd. We flew in  from California to Minneapolis and Minneapolis to grand forks. our first flight was delayed , so When we got to Minneapolis  we hijacked a cart. we got to our plane and set off.  Yesterday we went to Saint Michael’s church and served the alone. After, we went home and opened presents. I got a karaoke machine, flip video camera, and lots of clothes. today we went to mass and right now Gregory, grandma, and mom are playing Yahtzee and I am writing this. Brian is helping me. well merry Christmas to all and to all a good night!