High school

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Hello everyone! I’ve definitely been away from this blog for a while. I should probably post a better thing than this, but i will revisit an old favorite: New Years Resolutions. I have posted resolutions on here in the past, so i think I’ll do it again:

1.Do well in school (no duh!)

2.Listen to ALL the unreleased Lady GaGa tracks

3.Figure out how to work Tumblr(makes me feel like a n00b)

4.watch more anime-including finishing yugioh

5.create an amazing drawing

6.meet Lady GaGa/go to the Born this way ball (This such a stretch, but I want it more than anything)


Well, there’s my resolutions. I heard it helps if you write them down, so I hope typing them on a blog works just as well.

hope you have a happy 2012 and hope the world doesn’t end!

Ashley ;)